How is it possible that no one has ever loved you

Simply because you are you

I sit here thinking about that statement you made and I wonder

I marvel, actually

How can that really be true

When I think of all of your fine qualities and traits

All the reasons I admire you

It dawns on me that you’re counting your flaws

You’re not thinking about what’s good about you

How is it possible that no one has come into your life 

Who cares about all that is you 

Who doesn’t ask you to change or to modify

Anything at all that you do

Unconditional acceptance

That’s what kind of love we all want

And when I think about it from that perspective I realize

I’ve missed the same thing, too

Not one single person in my whole life

Has accepted me for me

They’ve always asked me to change something

To stop doing what makes me, me

They’ve always been so critical

Judgements and disdain

From friends to lovers to family and even my parents complain

Why is it so hard to love us like we are

Without asking us to change

Well, my love I’m happy to say

In that, too, we are the same

So here’s the deal, it’s very simple

Accept all that you are

Forget about what anyone has said

Embrace yourself with complete approval

Like no one ever has

I’ll do the same thing for myself

And then our love will last


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