Casting a Spell is Not What We Need

I’ve seen the post going around about witches casting a spell on POTUS-DJT. I read the spell, and while it is not exactly the most negative thing I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t resonate with me because all beings have free will and if we want to change the world, it is important that we focus inward and be sure that our own heart is pure and full of love for our Mother Earth and humanity. Casting a spell on a political leader implies that he has power over others and has more influence over the affairs of the world than we do. That is simply not the case. It is a misconception that we can impose our will or influence other people with spells or incantations. The best and really, only way to influence the outcome on this planet is to be the change we want to see ourselves. We all can have a collective influence on the world.. we must simply be true to our own soul. Each and every single one of us has this power… and responsibility.

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