I felt them in my dreams

Those witnesses are stalking me

Worried about my sanity

Afraid because I’ve broken free


She’s been taken over by Satan, they say

Can’t pray for her, she ran away

That’s true although it’s more than that

I studied myself right out of their trap

They prey on depressed and lonely people who

Are searching for the answers to

Why suffer and why we die

They use the Bible to enforce the lies

I pity them, 

I really do

They would cry if they only knew

Who it is they’re slaving for

Knocking on so many doors

They’re all convinced they’re serving good

Jehovah is misunderstood 

Empowerment is his biggest fear

Mastery is the devil’s snare

To keep them slaves he limits them 

Tells them not to look within

Don’t read this and don’t watch that

Afraid they’ll see the truth, perhaps

If they only knew their power within

They would see there is no sin

No death or need to worship god

No need to serve him like a dog

If they knew that humans have the power of Christ

The organization would be revealed as a well planned heist

They’d lose it all, there would be no need

For them to enforce their alien greed

And so it is

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