I miss your hands

I miss watching your fingers play your hexagram game

And how they move across the keyboard so elegantly 

I miss your long slender fingers as you move them to your mouth

And peek through them when you’re bashful or embarrassed 

I miss that dot that always catches my eye

And keeps my attention

I miss your touch as you rub your hands on my legs

Soothing the pain in my body

I miss your tenderness and the healing you offer

I miss your hands when they hold mine secure 

When we walk together on the street

I miss your hands and watching you tie your shoes

And when they’re caring for all of our needs

I miss your hands in my hair and on my cheeks

Of your touch I can never get enough

I miss watching you talk 

With your hands expressing your thoughts like signs

I miss how you bite them when you’re deep in your thoughts

I miss watching your every move

Nothing about you escapes my attention

I’ve memorized you

I miss the loving you do with your hands

No one has ever touched me like you do

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