Status Update 2/12/17

I’m writing love letters to those who are making an effort to change the course of this country today. Something I never thought I would do, having been politically neutral for so many years… I am surrounded by people who support a resistance to what is taking place in the nation I call home. They are educated and articulate and they know their representatives and they are passionate about their cause opposing the current administration’s actions against what is basic humanity… this is not a rally of rage, but of compassion and a concerted effort to make their voices heard. If you are going to make changes in anything, the way to do it isn’t to be destructive and violent. No one respects that kind of anarchy. It’s to rally and write and call and support those who have the voting power. I have manifested some incredible people into my life these past months. I am honored to be around people who are actually walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to caring about other humans and the world we live in. I have a little more hope for America if this is how it’s citizens are choosing to respond to the situation. More people should be as proactive.

In other news.. what the heck is happening with the weather? My home state is flooding away.. my last residency is blowing away.. people are losing their lives as they know it and the world is up in arms about everything from ICE to race to gender.  I think America is losing it.  Could it be that the earth is ascending and soon there will be little left? I can understand why people are freaking out.  I would be, too, if I didn’t know better.

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