I am an artist and I know I am not the only one who has experienced the pain of living in a toxic world. The difference between me and most everyone else is that I am aware of it. I am not ashamed of it. I am not afraid to feel what I feel rather than deny it or bury it or make believe it is something it is not. I see it for what it is and writing about it, drawing it and painting it puts it right in front of my face and for everyone else to see. I do not believe things are wrong and I do not believe things are right. This is a position of acceptance. There is nothing to admit or fix.  It is what it is and there is a freedom from this position of detachment. I am the only one who can write this story and I will write it all. I will leave nothing out.  There is no need to feel sorry or pity or anything toward me, for that matter. No one felt sorry for me when I was afraid, when I was suffering in denial, when I needed the attention the most. Now that I am no longer unaware of my own feelings and intuition, I need nothing from anyone for everything is fine and I have no feelings about what is or isn’t.  I do not write to solicit pity.  I write to inspire.  I welcome all experience that may come my way for I am now equipped to understand that it is all a part of this life I’ve chosen. Let it be what it will be. There is no one like me, there never has been and there will never be again. I am the only me. And this is my story.

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