A Letter to My Body

Dear Beautiful Body of mine,

I want to thank you for carrying my soul for 44 years. Thank you for giving me the strength to bear and raise my children. Thank you for surviving all those attempts to destroy you.  I’m so sorry for the way I have abused you.  I didn’t appreciate how fragile and delicate you are and how precious you are to me.  I’m so sorry that I called you ugly and hated you and tortured you before I knew any better. 

Please forgive me for all the names I called you and for picking on you for your uniqueness.  From now on I promise not to poison you or starve you. I will take you outside and give you movement and fresh air and I will never ask you to serve others when you’re tired. I will honor you like the goddess you are. I’ll never overfeed you with junk food and I’ll never let others treat you unkindly.  I promise to feed you good food and hydrate you and wear clothes that you like to feel good in.  I will tell you how beautiful you are every day and take care of your skin and your nails, teeth and hair.  All parts of you are important.  I promise not to hurt you and abuse you with pain nor will I let anyone else do that either.  I will listen to you when you’re hurting and I’ll never ask more from you than you can give in a day.  I will let you sleep in and have chocolate on occasion, in fact, anything you ask for, I’ll give.  

Dear body, you’ve been so patient with me. You’re a gift I took for granted, I know. I appreciate you now, and I’m listening to your pain and I promise I’ll never do those hurtful things again. You know I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and I’m sorry, please forgive me for causing you pain.  I’m so sorry for not honoring your feelings and for pushing you too hard, those days are over, I swear. I protect the energy around you and I will listen to everything you say and not take your wise cues to me for granted. 

I hear you, oh Body.  We are in this together like never before and if you are willing to heal, I will support you. Just please don’t give up, we are young and alive. There are so many more things we can do still, together. I’ll never abandon you again, I’ll be your best friend and you can just heal while I give you unconditionally all of my love.  Take as much time as you need, you’ve earned it, I see. Now I understand what life really means. I’m not in a hurry, all my time is for you. I’m so sorry for being disconnected. 

You’re my body, you’re the one and only one I have and I’d like to be closer than ever.  I’m so glad we have each other and there’s still time to get better. You are incredibly strong and so beautiful and powerful. We can heal you if we do this together.

Love, Christie 

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