Armageddon is NOT a War

It has been said that a change will come

In a single moment of anger and war

Of good and evil with the good to prevail

But that is simply not the case

The universe is sending powerful waves of energy to earth

Strengthening her vibrations to shift

Into a higher dimension 

Into the 5D reality

Where we are creating the intended outcome

Each of us contributes to this shift

Each of us in every moment

Moment by moment

With our thoughts and emotions from the center of our hearts

More powerful than any other energy

The energy of manifestation 

Strengthening the vibration

Declaring to the Universe 

The reality we want to live in

By our rituals and habits

By our voices and protests

By our beliefs and fears

By every utterance that comes from our mouths 

For it is written 

Out of the abundance of the heart 

The mouth speaks

Whatever it is we feel in our heart

Unconditional love and compassion

Or criticism, separation and judgement

You will reap what you sow

For that is the law

The law of energy

The law of attraction 

The law of abundance 

The law of choice 

You are the creator 

You are the god

You are the one who chooses your reality

With every thought you think

With every feeling you feel

With every ritual you perform 

For what is a ritual but an intention to call

The spirit of a certain energy

Do not be fooled by thinking your actions are not supported 

For they most certainly are

Your actions are supported by the energy of change

Of creation and of a course 

Armageddon is not a war

You can give your power to that belief and sit in fear and wait

But your inaction is still an action

For you are declaring your intent

You are participating in a ritual

Whether it is conscious or not

It still holds the same power 

The same force for control

So now more than ever before 

It matters to what you contribute

It matters for your soul

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