La La Land

Let’s all go to La La Land

Where no one is drawing those lines in the sand

Where no one is hungry or homeless or poor

There’s no need for money or to lock all the doors

Where people can fly and teleport across seas

Where animals and plants are living in peace

There’s no need for rules or prisons or jails

There’s no need to count time, no need for the veil

We all have pure access to all that we need

We all have telepathy, our feelings we heed

There’s no fear in La La Land, for we all live by love

We all know it’s best for us to think from above

There’s no greed and no rank and no power to be had

There’s no need to fight for what’s free.. aren’t you glad?

This land that I speak of is possible, I know

It sounds crazy to those who are trapped down below

To get there you must raise your vibration real high

To see possibilities, no limits beyond the sky

This land we can make for ourselves if we try

It starts by being loving, and breaking down lies

The lies which give our power to the greedy and the rich

They only hold control over us if we let them man the switch

It’s time for us to shift up into a new reality, you see

The earth is ascending with or without you and me

It’s our choice to go up

No one chooses to leave you behind

It’s you who must choose love

Of this I remind

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