Someday I’ll be living in a European city

And all you’re ever gonna be is 


I mean

Just look at the face of this child

How could anyone be cruel to a face like this

And yet, they were

Two women and two men

Hurling vicious accusations 

Name calling

Backstabbing, molestation, manipulation 

Cruelty to a little child

Creating confusion and trauma and lifelong scars

How is that even possible

It’s inhuman 

Yet it happens all the time

When is the world going to wake up

When are we going to say no

When are we going to stand up for the children

For the animals

For the trees and bees and plants on this planet

It starts with each of us

We have to start giving a shit

When you see something that isn’t right

Speak up

When you see someone who needs help

Help them

It starts with us

Each and every single one of us

We are the ones who let it continue 

We are the ones who must put an end to it

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