Deep in the Heart of Texas

Dear Texas, I’m sorry I said I didn’t like you before I even gave you a chance. All I can say is I must have just adopted my father’s opinion without really thinking about it. I love your beautiful landscapes, the Colorado river runs through here, for crying out loud! It’s my favorite river second only to the Snake! I love how you remind me of California with your laid back vibe and moderate climate.. like a cross between California and Idaho! Your people are sweet, outdoorsy and nature loving, and very proud to be located here! I love the smell of your trees and the feel of your soil. I love your great big vastness and your big blue sky! I just wasn’t thinking for myself, and now I see what a great place you actually are! Thanks for hosting me and giving me a peaceful place to finish my business in the states! I could totally live here! I do like Texas, I do, I do!

Love, Christie

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