Make Sure

It is very important that we make sure we are not focusing on  WHAT WE DO not WANT WHAT do what DO we want freedom maybe to live in a home not on the street to feel secure And seen Surrender to the outcome of the divine Detach from the results You may never be

Kill the Lies

The other day when I was doing laundry I killed a cockroach named Ray He was mean to say the least His hands all over my mom My angry dad Angry Poppy Why is he angry? The little baby who chewed on the cheese Has more money than mom and dad Don’t fall in the

Musings 28 Feb 17

Dear diary Today I had lots of things, including but not limited to A great conversation with Eric A good breakfast and health assessment 145 which is 20 more than is truly comfortable A telepathic encounter with a cockroach  Some boundary setting Wondering which one of us was escaping with their life.. him or me?


Is eight years old Old enough To be accountable for anything A grown-up face speaks Into your face? Should you feel responsible For all the pain that’s possible In an eight-year-old girl? Is she really responsible? Did she really ask for it? At 8 Years Old? Tell me, Papa Divine masculine What is it that’s

Tortured Under Feet

Tortured by God for Jesus Tortured by God for Jesus Tortured under many feet Tortured under my feet My feet Karma feet Dharma feet Dogma feet Silent feet Little feat Big feet Whose feet? My feet Thy feet Aluminum pie feet How many years old dry feet Under thy feet

I Remembered

Remembering who you are Eve You are Christ Tortured by God for Jesus How did you figure it out? I remembered ❤️

15:55 on the Day of the Eclipse

Just got out of a group on FB. Made up of likeminded souls from around the world When suddenly it hits me… Last year I thought I lost everything..  my marriage, my home, my car, my family, all of my material possessions, even my pets.  I realize now, what I was sacrificing for the illusion

Babylon is Religion

I was deceived And I’m pissed about it sometimes I was misled Misguided, duped  I was told to do the will of God That God is in control God is allowing evil to exist To vindicate his name His sovereignty  I call bullshit I was told And led to believe Humans have no power Satan

Fuck You

Fuck you, you sonofabitch piece of shit pussy. I know you read my shit and save stuff as if you were building an arsenal against me. Fuck you for being so deceptive and conniving I want you to read it all I want you to know how much I hate you and what a piece

Ripping Off the Band-Aid

Because I have a conversation with a man Not a relationship in our bed I’m clearly seducing him According to you He should care for me financially  He should take your burden Because I am clearly too unstable to be able to  Convince a man that I have a mind I can make a life