Silly Humans

What are we but grown up children

Run amok 

Just look at us 

We fight and scream 

And argue and hit

Like unattended toddlers

Without guidance or direction

Some among us are shy

Some artistic and smart

Some become big bullies

And tear things apart


In need of power

Competition for approval and attention

Need to control

Taking other kids toys for themselves


Then excluding them from seeking relief or recovery

What the hell is happening?!

How did we let it get this far?

We thought our dad was watching

That big parent in the sky

The one we looked to for guidance

And blame when things go wrong

We feel so powerless and out of control

Where is mother to remind us to love?

We’ve abandoned her and forgotten 

There is no separation between us

We are all members of the same human family

When one of us hurts

We all hurt

When one of us is left out

We are all excluded

The time is now to wake up mother

To return to the one human family

To reach a hand out to our neighbor

Say no to hate and create peace

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