Insight in Flight

36000 feet in the air

It finally sinks into my psyche

When has anyone been nice to me?

Who has ever been nice to me

Who has shown me kindness

I look around in the world I live in

I don’t see much kindness to begin with

People aren’t nice to their kids

They’re not nice to each other

They’re not nice to the planet or their own selves

How can people be mean to children

I don’t know but it happens

I don’t have all the answers

But I am coming to understand

I’ve been so angry

I’ve been so mean to myself

I’ve been so abusive

I didn’t want to see why

I wanted to deny

I was just a toddler

Responding to the anger of my father

My mother left us both

She said I was angry

But I was just a baby

Reflecting the feelings of my dad

I will never forget how I felt 

Watching her walk out the door

Intuitively knowing

The rest of my life would be pain

She left me with my angry dad

I didn’t want to see it

I wanted to focus only on the attempts he made

I knew he wanted to be a good dad

He tried the best he knew how

He was mistreated too

He didn’t know what kindness was

Or compassion or love

So he really did the best he could

But since I never learned kindness 

I accepted mistreatment 

From myself and everyone else

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