Rip Her To Shreds

Shit damn motherfucker fucker shit damn

Some damn bitch just stole my man

I’ll find another fucker

Better than the other fucker

Shit damn motherfucker fucker shit damn

Women, girls, ladies, tell me why

Why do we participate in this vicious competition?

When a man that we have feelings for decides to change his mind

Why don’t we see it for what it is?

Why don’t we see that this man was not for me?

Why do we look at the girl he is with and see her as the enemy?

Why do we look at the girl and not the boy?

That boy is wrong for you. It is clearly seen in the way he treated you.

You deserve a boy who will love you and care for you

Why don’t you look at yourself and believe that?

Why don’t you believe that you are beautiful and deserving?

Why do you get mad

At the next girlfriend? Or the last girlfriend? Or at the pretty girl in the grocery store?

Look at yourself, ladies

Look at how ugly you are

When you call her a bitch, when you rip her to shreds

Who are you really calling for?

It’s not about the boy, or what he did to you, or with whom

It’s not about the girl he left you for

It’s about you and how you feel about yourself

You don’t see your own beauty

You don’t think that you deserve

To be treated like a goddess

To be loved and treasured

It must’ve been your daddy

His approval you must gain

By caking on the make up and covering up the pain

In the mirror you see an ugly face, thinking ugly thoughts

Looking at everyone else but yourself

Feeling everything you are not

This consciousness that we are in

This vicious, manipulative game

Did not start when we were little kids

Our childhood is not to blame

We live in a system created by

A sadistic alien race

One who feeds on low vibe fear

Of jealousy and rape

They make us feel like we must take

When life is just a gift

If we were to actually feel our truth

Our consciousness would lift

Next time you feel jealousy

Next time someone triggers your envy

Go ahead and feel those feelings through

Try to hear what those feelings are telling you

It’s not about someone prettier than you

Or more desirable that is threatening you

It’s all about how you feel about you

You don’t feel beautiful inside, do you?

Who made you feel this way?

When did this begin?

When did you decide to abandon yourself

And let what you believe someone else feels win?

The only love we really need

The only approval that matters

Is the self-love we must have inside

Loyalty to me when reality shatters

I am the only one who can love myself

The only one who needs to stay

For if I do not love myself

I can’t feel love from anyone else, anyway 

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