We can change our reality

By changing how we feel about things

We are not stuck in thought patterns

We can change them at any time

Perhaps that may also mean

Changing with whom you spend that time

You don’t have to feel jealous when someone seems to have something you don’t

You don’t have to feel threatened that someone will take your security away

You don’t have to feel angry when others don’t show you the appreciation you feel you deserve

You don’t have to feel unloved or rejected when relationships don’t work out 

All of these feelings are a choice

Much of our time is spent

Caught up in our feelings about our feelings

While the world tells us not to feel

Stop being so sensitive 

They say

Don’t be such a baby

Suck it up

Get over it

Not allowing us to actually understand what it is we are feeling

That’s why it’s important to stop and listen

What are we actually feeling?

Do we really agree with the way we feel? 

Is our life just a pattern of unresolved feelings

We haven’t been allowed to feel? 

I’m telling you right now

I want you to understand 

Every single feeling you feel

Is totally acceptable, valid and true

Those are your feelings

No one can take them away from you

No one can change them

Except you

You have every right to honor 

Your feelings and what they tell you

You absolutely deserve to be around 

Other people who accept you

And validate you

And all of your feelings, too

Perhaps the hardest thing we face

When we face our feelings

Is that those we love around us

Aren’t as supportive as we would like or need them to be

So we deny our feelings for them

So we don’t cause them pain

Meanwhile we suffer

We carry their pain

And bury our feelings

A sick feeling game

That’s why I say to you

Honor your feelings 

And change your reality

Eventually the people who don’t support you

Will have to go away

We can deny this until our time for the grave

And in at state we became a slave

To the feelings of others

Which may not also be true

For in my experience I have found very few

People who honor their feelings as true

Most of us bury and lie about the truth

It’s the feelings, I say

The ones we deny

Those are the feelings we must listen to

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