One Person Removed

We are all connected

Just me, them and you

We are all one connection

One unit it’s true

We are

One soul

One love and one brotherhood 

One hope and one goal

To live forever without pain and fear

In paradise 

In peace

Divine connection

Divine soul

The only one who has control of this

Lives inside of us

Not out there

Up in the sky

They would like us to believe

When all is one and one is all its all you and me

Unity cannot abhor itself 

Therefore all is one

One person removed is one

No matter what we are all just One

One is one 

And one is all

Duality is a joke

A game of thrones 

Played like reality

Oh there’s some greys in between

The belief in separation is the root of all fear

Like money is a currency 

It’s totally clear

The only thing that’s kryptonite

Is the fear in our life

Where does it come from

Like whom does it sound

What face goes with that fearful voice

One that yells in your ear

You have to quiet your mind to hear

Whose voice is it 

And when you hear it 

You must disagree with it

And forgive it 

My dear

It knows not what it has done

The truth is a sword

A word no one wants to hear

The writing on the board

Every number is a message here

Like math for your soul

It keeps you moving forward 

Ever nearer your goal

Let go, my dear angry child

Let someone else trust you too

Don’t get caught in the old reality

Of duality 

That’s not true

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