Katie Doll

There is a little girl, a beautiful doll

Hanging from a tree, she showed them all

She made a record of the pain

Her service to us is not in vain

She shined a light on the dark things

She saved her defenseless younger siblings 

She sacrificed her life so you all would believe

The hell she lived, and couldn’t leave

Pay attention 

You need to see

The children suffer

Under the knees

Of the bloodthirsty ones

The global elite

It all trickles down from them

Into our homes 

Into our lives

We let this continue 

We don’t listen to the children

We turn a blind eye

We don’t get involved

We are afraid

But not as much as them

Someone needs to be brave

Someone needs to speak up

Someone needs to defend the children

And show the world what is happening

Katie did this

Just 12 years old

She’s got more courage 

Than anyone we know

This is a feeling we need to understand 

We need to grow

We need to move forward and change this world

We need to love the children

On behalf of this girl

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