Same Difference 

What’s the difference between evangelizing 

And anti-crying

There is no difference

It’s all the same

If you get angry

Or have any feelings at all

Toward or about someone or some group

That doesn’t agree with your views

Or that hold a belief that’s different from you

It makes no difference at all

Arguing and fighting about what we believe

Serves as much good as holding your breath

To punish someone else

So why do we feel things

When someone else is different

Why do we feel the need to help others believe

I’ll tell you why

Christians believe that to be saved from sin

You must believe and obey more than the god within

You must serve and respect the blood that was shed

If you don’t, well, you’re doomed, you’re dead

The Bible tells you that if you don’t warn your neighbors 

Their sin is upon you

So it creates this fear

It creates this anger

It blames all who don’t believe

For the conditions of the world

For the evil and mayhem

But what’s responsible for that, 

Isn’t the devil

It’s the fear created by the control of the belief itself

The limit placed on your power

Your power given to a god in heaven

Leaving you dependent and afraid

The truth is they are all thoughts

They are all just beliefs 

It is your reinforcing them that makes them seem real

That gives them their power

It’s the belief passed on from parent to child

Generation to generation 

Never questioned 

Never thought about

Just absorbed and assimilated

Automatically like a program

I challenge you to think for yourself

Ask the questions you’re afraid to know the answers to

Don’t leave it up to faith

Find out

Don’t be blind

Use your mind

You are an unlimited being

You do not have to get sick, old and die

That too, is a false belief they have fed you

I’m not saying the Bible isn’t true

I’m not saying it’s not inspired

But Jeremiah did say.. to the making of many books, there is no end

And that includes inspired books

Everything is inspired

Everything is holy

Everything is God

Especially you

Start acting like a loving God

Instead of a ruthless dictator 

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