Media Mart

Information overload

Better check your facts

Where does your understanding come from

Research and intuition 

Look behind the velvet curtain

Turn over every rug

Get down and dirty on your knees

Looking for the bugs

Search out the truth

Knock on every door

Don’t stop until you know what it is

It’s what you’re looking for

Every answer

Every key

Can be found inside of you

The truth sets free

Free from all the lies and shame

Free from all captivity

When you start to listen to your SELF

The illusion breaks up so vividly

The matrix web 

The lies they weave

One on top of the other for aeons

Until the origin is unrecognizable 

Do your research

You will see

Turn on your brain

And OFF the TV

re-evaluate where your information comes from

Unsubscribe from their reality

The truth will set you on a new course

The truth will





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