12/01/17 Journal Entry

I feel you and I resonate with your pain.. there’s this anger that comes across that will eat you up and drive you insane.. it is good to know that the anger within isn’t about you or them or any thing, and there’s nothing to feel guilty for. You must resonate away from the belief that there is right or wrong. It’s not wrong to do anything in anyone else’s eyes.. what matters are YOUR eyes alone, it is your opinion, dear.. it’s not a fact, it’s not proven… what’s true is that there are two sides to every coin.. religion and scientific truth are two sides of a coin… the very coin that’s blinded men from looking within themselves. It’s your life and your experience that contributes to this poem.. it’s how how you feel about it and what’s written . Your FEELINGS are what matter. We have everything we need.. all we need to believe, all we need is TO FEEL that it’s all ok, no matter what we, or they believe in. That’s the beauty of being a human creator, your vibration is your connection. It comes from your heart and no one can enslave it.

Every day and for every feeling we must ask ourselves and be aware of the vibration we are contributing.. we must ask, how is this contributing to peace on earth? How is this contributing to peace in me? How is this promoting healing? Ask these of ourselves when we open our eyes each day, when we open our mouth, when we feed the energy of the collective. Are we contributing to peace? 

Soon we will break up ALL of the thought forms that have been created to sustain a steady diet of fear, separation and lack.. we ARE the systems busters, the family of light. WE ARE changing the world by doing the inner work. WE are shining our light by living our truth and reaching to unite with our greatest version! I honor your contributions my friends! 

I’m honored to be among the most powerful reprogrammers of the collective consciousness. You each forge a new way of perceiving and transmute the old into the new reality. Namaste, I love each of you and honor your personal journey 

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