Who is God?

❤️ 💙 I love God, 🙏🏼however not the one I thought I understood in the past. I understand the religious structure of the one being in the sky. A parent telling you what to do. I read the Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic scriptures and I understand the story of Jesus. I read it. I read it all. I understand it. I understand you, and I love you💜✨🌙 you are God. You are God in your thoughts and in your heart. Whatever it is in you that you project into the energetic thought consciousness, that is what you are. That is God. That is You.  You are everything. You have created this reality with every thought you have ever had in your heart. You are taught to think with your eyes. You are taught to think with your mental facilities. You are taught to believe what you’re told. You are told that if you do not comply you will fail. You are taught that failure is a thing👁The only thing that exists is the thought that you feed. This is a wisdom teaching from elders of long ago who have been through a world like we are creating today. If you knew that every thought that comes from your heart is able to be perceived, to be read, infinitely… What would you contribute to the collective consciousness?✨🙏🏼🌙✨🙏🏼 you are your own Savior. You must save yourself. You are the one you are waiting for. What are you going to make for yourself? It is your choice and only your choice. I choose to be a creator, not a creature. I choose to be love😍❤😘🕉

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