How much time does it take to unlearn

Everything that I’ve been taught

Regular meetings and study and absorbing 

The teachings of the truth according to a cult

To believe in a savior

A blood sacrifice

A ransom paid for my sinful soul

Never good enough

Never perfect

Always slaving

Always serving

I was taught that I must fear

Respect, comply, and obey 

Nothing I do can earn my entry

Into a Paradise of peace and unity

It was all an illusion, the goal never to be attained

Heaven was out of reach for me

Access to the one true God

Never to be obtained 

In need of an intermediate

No contact with the saints

It made no sense that way, I felt

When that cup of blood was passed


I always felt like I was an angel

One of the 144,000

I came from the heavens and I will go back

That’s why

They tell us not to look at the stars

Or feel the energy

They tell us those are demons

There are things they don’t want us to see

They want us to believe their truth

And make it our own

We feed it to our children

Like our parents did to us

We feed our children to this being they call god

Who enslaves us cradle to grave

They force feed us these tales of psychic control

They had to burn a religion into our skin

Called us pagans and witches and called it the occult

They did this because they knew we would tell on them

We would tell on them for what they are doing

To the children in the back rooms

In the dungeons for a showing

They called themselves God and made you believe it, too

Now the revelation is coming

The revelation of who is who

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