Mission Statement 

Pain, kept inside, eats up your body. Pain is best released, not feared. What would it look like if you were to let it all out? What are you afraid of? Dealing with it means transmuting it, not sitting in it. Not isolating yourself. Letting go means feeling it all and being ok with all that it is. All the anger, all the jealousy, all the anxiety and fear. All of it is the same. Low vibrations from thought forms reinforced and fed. We must starve those thoughts. We must stop believing that someone else has power over our feelings. We must stop waiting for a savior to come and make it all better. We must save the world. We are the Christ consciousness. We are the ones who will change the world when we no longer subscribe to the television channel. The media feed. When we no longer serve ourselves McValueless meals as nourishment day in and day out. When we raise our awareness and we raise our vibration, we unshackle ourselves from the devil ourselves. The chains are not inside of us. We can remove them anytime. By disagreeing with the fear and limitations.  When we take the power back into our own hands. There is nothing that can harm us. Nothing at all. When we open our eyes to this, the illusion will fall.

It is love we must have. For ourselves and for others. We are all interconnected by a spiritual web. A web that ripples out from you to me. I feel everything you think of. Every intention. Every need. Every thought contributes to the collective energy.  We agree with powerlessness. When we look outside ourselves. We facilitate the cycle of living in hell.  Making the same mistakes over.  Until we finally learn. We must meet our own needs. Not imposing on anyone else. Autonomy and security. It comes from within. There is no welfare, no savings, no success when there’s sin. Darkness is not knowing. About the power that you have. The fear lives in darkness. It is angry and sad. The light reveals the dark things. It empowers and embraces. It’s warm light heals old wounds. With forgiveness and faith. Things can get better. Moving forward with love. Much healing has to be done, once the darkness is gone. 

Dear Starseeds that’s why you’re here. You see through the facade and see right through the pain. You know this is ending. You know there’ll be pain. Don’t fear it, transmute it. Your mission is the same. To save them, you must save you. Find the power within. That light shines inside you. You must overcome the sin. The belief that you’re wrongful, in need of control. It’s not true, you’re god. You create your own role. 

We have all created this society. By allowing it to exist. They’ve become more and more powerful, as we’ve submitted to their agenda. We have eaten their delicacies, all to our own demise. Well, the food has run out. And their power, and their life. They will soon be revealed, the puppet masters above. They will come into the light and we will forgive them with love.

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