What happens when 

They find out that

History is a great game 

A story they have been fed

Told over and over

And reinforced as being true

What happens when

All the planets go direct

After a mercury retrograde 

And the scales fall off your eyes

The past is shed

And revealed as bold face lies

What happens to your heart

And all the effort they have made

All the lives lost

All the boys gone to war

Fighting an illusion

Fighting for freedom that actually is free

Freedom is your birthright 

No one can take it away

Or control it

It’s all been an illusion

Force fed to the masses

The gullible sheep

What happens when 

They all wake from sleep

It’s going to hurt

They’re going to be pissed

Remembering all the things they’ve done

The opportunities missed

They’re going to need a shoulder

Someone to comfort them from their pain

When history is revealed

When the veil is dissolved

They’re going to mourn the past

They’re going to be broken hearted 

When the truth kicks in

And reality remains

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