Critical Voices

I’m listening to the same ol voices

They play like tapes inside our heads

They tell us we are doing it wrong

They tell us we aren’t quite good enough 

They tell us to work and to please

Yet we try and it’s never enough

Who are the voices that tell us these things

Who is making us feel enslaved

They’re voices of fear 

Of lack

And uncertainty 

They are voices who need to control

They’re afraid of the power we all contain within

They’re afraid of losing control

But what is control

I turn to them and ask

What does losing control really look like

It’s not chaos and mayhem like it is on tv

That’s just what they’d like you to think

It’s losing control of the world they have built 

If you suddenly start feeling the pain

If you recognize the truth of the cage you are in

You’ll stop feeding it and it will turn to pain

You don’t want to see who is looming over you

The faces of those that you trust

It’s unbearable to think

To imagine their pain

So you swallow your own mind 

Lose control

Let it go

Start serving yourself

You know what’s inside you 

You know your true self

This world is an illusion 

Struggling to survive 

Self love is the answer

The only way you will thrive

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