Zombie Apocalypse

This is the zombie apocalypse… It is happening right now

It is not something in the future to be prepared for

It is right here, happening now, and you are the zombies

You are being controlled by the world management team

Your minds are numb and blind

You are afraid because you are under control 

You believe you are a victim and somebody can do something to you

What can anyone do to you?

So what if somebody kills you? You just return again

The most amusing thing about Zombieland is that all you have to do is turn the devices off and return to your world

Return to mother earth and you will find your freedom

Your heads are filled with images that come out of the television and media

Organizations run by the world management team

All of your responses to human suffering are being utilized as a method to manipulate your feelings

By somebody who wants you to react to it for their own reasons

You are being impulsed to feel afraid, sad, helpless, bruised, desperate, and raw

The more you respond to things you have no part of

The more you ignore the things that need to be taken care of right in front of your noses

These dramas are set up to distract you from seeing

The new reality that is building and ready to split off and awaken

Even the zombies will wake up eventually

How long do you want to keep being so slow and blind?

It is lethal for you to give off any thought to any reality transmitted to you via television

That is why it is called tell – a – vision

Get your own vision

Get out of the zombie army


  1. Waking The Infinite
    January 9, 2017

    Sing it sistar!!

    1. Black Swan Sybil💙
      January 9, 2017

      Haha thank you buddy


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