Pain is an Addiction

Pain is an addiction 

The world is addicted to pain

I finally have realized this

Through my own journey through pain

We are addicted to narcissism 

And mistreatment of women

We are addicted to abuse and violence 

We feed on blood and masochism

The pain of other people 

Watching them fall, fail and break

We watch them over and over

We are addicted to the pain

We feed it with our support of it

We keep it alive and well

When will we stop being entertained 

By the greedy pursuit of wealth

What makes one wealthy, anyway

Is it money or a name

When you look back on life

What is it you have gained

Have you been compassionate 

To others and yourself

Or do you blindly go along 

With the torture of the fear 

In order to make a difference here

One must start with love of self

Not beating yourself up or criticizing 

Not overworking like a slave

To rest when your body needs it

To feed your body well

Good food and nutritious material 

Consuming clean things for your soul

Keeping the mind pure of negativity 

Feeding the light and the whole

All is one and one is all

We contribute to the whole

Our choices and our experience 

Is the only living goal

To be human and be alive

That’s all you have to do

Choose to feed the light or feed the dark

The outcome is up to you

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