Don’t speak

Don’t speak about the darkness

Don’t look within the shadows

Don’t speak about the negativity

We need this dark to keep you slow

The truth is different than you believe

We’ve made it that way with all you see

We tell you fear is big and bad

Scary and unconquerable

We tell you this so you’ll never guess

The truth about this great big mess

We don’t want you to look behind the curtain

At the little frail man who is so uncertain

He’s the puppet master behind the scene

He makes everyone behave so mean

If only you would have no fear

Just take a look behind here

All the fear and all the shame

Put upon you and made you blame

You don’t have to be enslaved

You don’t have to go to your grave

It’s all an illusion 

A giant show

It’s all a game

Don’t you know?

The only way to set you free

The only one who fulfills your need

You just have to look inside

Don’t let those demons run and hide

Chase them down and look at them

Make them tell you all their sins

And realize that all that’s true

Is a created world upheld by you

The way to save yourself today

Is to look at it and throw away

The things that no longer serve you here

The things like slavery, guilt and fear

They’ve held you down with their sick lies

They’ve been in power, and they’re surprised 

Now that they have been exposed

They’ve been caught without their clothes 

The elite group of pedophiles

Trafficking children through turnstiles 

Since Christopher came here for the queen

You’ll be shocked to know just how mean

The royals are and clintons too

The bilderbergs and bushes prove

We cannot support them anymore

We cannot let them out the door

They must pay for all their crimes

The children must have their time

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