High on Love

I’m pretty sure 

I haven’t felt 

This much love

Since I was 8 years old

When Maleficent’s Forest ranger friends

Came to our house on Broadway

And had cake with me for my eighth birthday

I remember how I felt

I remember that high vibration

It had me bouncing off the walls and going crazy

I had no idea at the time

Why I felt so high

But I remember how it felt when they left

Their vibration went away

And I was left in the darkness

In the depression that was my life at the time

I remember how it felt

I remember kneeling down next to my bed to pray

I prayed for love

I prayed for the world and all of its people

I prayed for peace

I prayed for the pain to be gone

And that’s when I felt the spirit wrap its arms around me

I felt the vibration of love in my room while I was praying at eight years old

I have never forgotten that feeling

I forgot about the forest rangers

But I never forgot about the spirit that hugged me that day

I would spend the rest of my life trying to find it

I looked everywhere

And everyone

I felt it again

That high vibration when my daughter was born

And she fed me with that love for as long as she could

Until my hate for her father became too great

And then I met my Eric

And my Eric reminded me that love was still there

So I’ve been coming out of the darkness for several months now

I have experienced trauma and the after effects of stress

And I have been doing much better

And now I am overwhelmed by the amount of love in this house

It reminds me very much of my eighth birthday

When I was out of control and bouncing off the walls

High on the vibration of love that surrounds me

Now I am here with both of them

My Gracie and my Eric

And I feel the love that I’ve been searching for

The vibration is so high it makes me cry

There is such a lack of love in this world

I don’t know how we survive

You cannot duplicate this feeling with drugs

You cannot buy this feeling with money

This feeling is organic

It comes from inside your soul

It’s the symbiotic exchange of the vibration of love

It’s the feeling we all have been chasing like gold

This is the feeling that makes the world go round

This is the magic of love


  1. Christopher Bland
    December 21, 2016

    Nice! I love this one!

    1. Black Swan Sybil💙
      December 22, 2016

      Thanks I appreciate it

      1. Christopher Bland
        December 22, 2016

        Your writing is intense! I’m Looking forward to the next post sweet heart…


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