Gone is the house

Gone is the car

Gone are the dog and the cat

The family I built no longer exists 

I never would have imagined that

What took 21 years to build 

With love, care and skill

Was gone in a flash of bright light 

Before I could see the truth about this game 

Before I could even say goodnight 

I still mourn my life

And the love that I gave

I still mourn the way he behaves 

I’m moving on slow

I’m rebuilding myself 

From my heart and my mind and my soul

There’s only one thing I want 

To take from that life

My daughter who saved me from dying 

She’s loving like me

And so smart and pretty

So tender and gentle and kind

It was not my intention 

To leave her behind

I’m holding her now 

In my soft mothering arms

I’m healing her here while I can

She can go where she wants 

She knows I am here

Though it will never be the same again

I do not regret 

The way that I left

I couldn’t have done it any other way 

When you’re trapped for so long

And so traumatized 

Just the idea of leaving seems crazy 

So I know how it looks

But I know I am strong

They’ll look back one day soon and they’ll see

The love for my life 

And my personal joy

Made me strong enough to get free


  1. Christopher Bland
    December 22, 2016

    Been there… Just keep moving forward and do the things that make you happy. I know it takes Time to get over certain things that tramatize us. Trust me I know! but remember that there is a whole world out there for you and people that can relate to you. Sorry if I said to much or got to personal but I just had to say something… Take care sweetheart and have a good day or night.

    1. Black Swan Sybil💙
      December 23, 2016

      Getting personal.. it’s what writers do

      1. Christopher Bland
        December 23, 2016

        Ok ok… I feel you… Mybad


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