The Heart of the House

You are the original template

You are the original exemplary

How seen were you in actuality?

How revered were you (honestly) at the time?

You are driven in life by the search for meaning and have a passion for culture and religion. 

You are a deeply spiritual person who thrives in an environment where people question their existence and devote themselves to a higher sense of being. 

Why pleased with your low maintenance?

You loved us more then we would’ve loved you back

Where was your ally your partner in feminine crime?

You enjoy a stimulating environment and do best when you are challenged, mentally and spiritually. 

You were “good o!”

You were “count on ‘er ’til four am”

You saw me run from the house

In the snow melodramatically

You see life as an adventure and enjoy conversing with others on the big philosophical questions of life. 

Oh mother who’s your sister

Oh mother who’s your friend?

The heart of the house

The heart of the house

All hail the goddess!

Whether you’re spending time in a bustling market or meditating in a quiet garden, you are nourished by a society that is devoted to serving others. 

We left the men we went for a walk in the gateaus

And talked like women like women to women would

Like woman to woman would 

“where did you get that from?

Must’ve been your father your dad”

I got it from you 

Oh I got it from you

Do you see yourself in my gypsy garage sale ways?

In my fits of laughter?

In my Tinkerbell tendencies?

In my lack of color coordination?

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