It has officially come to this 

I am paralyzed 

Not in the way I feared

Losing feeling in my legs

Unable to stand 

Unable to walk

It has come to the point where I am so angry

So disgusted 

I’m paralyzed 

I want to put on my tennis shoes and go for a run

I want to do masochistic yoga

I want to do kickboxing with his face glued to a punching bag 

I want to expend this pent up energy

I want to abuse my body to get it all out

But I can’t

I’m paralyzed 

Paralyzed by rage

Paralyzed by pain

I can do nothing more but lie here 

Tears leaking out of my eyes 

Heart burning

Sending out light with all of my might

If I weren’t halfway around the world

I would kill him

His life is spared by the love and goodness of the universe 

It is god that has saved his life

By taking me far away

And binding me with love

Sparing his life

Because I would certainly kill that man

It was bound to happen

Karmic debt incurred 

If I had stayed and watched what he has done 

I no longer need to rant

The shit has hit the fan

All that he has created 

Is laying out before him

Like a banquet of bullshit

Of his own creation

This is what he has left to deal with

This is how he is 

There’s no pretending anymore

There is no more defense

What he has reaped

He has sown

It’s all falling down now

And all my words are down

I’ve made a record

And it can’t be broken

What’s broken

Is my home

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