Children Learn What They Live

People moan and complain

Saying out loud

What kind of world are we leaving for our kids

They look to the leadership 

To solve all their woes

Look to healthcare 

And doctors and religious leaders, too

You go back and forth

To work and whatever 

And don’t give a thought about who it is

That taught the world to be this way in the first place

Its the parents and grandparents 

All who’ve come before

Who pass on tradition

And try to control

They teach their kids how 

To be a carbon copy of themselves

Then they wonder why 

The world is this way

It doesn’t happen by accident 

It’s not out of your control

If you want the world to flourish

You have to start with yourself

You can’t expect to be happy

And get positive results

If all you teach is sorrow and greed

Selfishness and guilt

It’s science you see

You reap what you sow

If you want to see good deeds 

From the children you sprout

You have to teach them how 

To be positive within themselves 

You can’t feed them negativity 

And expect something else

To come out in the end result

What you feed grows

It begins in the home

By showing them how

You can feed a new world

You’re creating it now

Your children are the new world

They’re the ones who’ll carry on

The respect that you teach them

Appreciation and wisdom 

Sacredness and love

This is our place 

This planet of ours

We are the generation that will make the world great again

But what does that mean

Love and compassion

Respect for all beings

If you want a world like that

One that loves all as the same

You have to begin to understand the mind control game

It all begins with you and your kids

And what comes out of your own living room

Everything that goes on in there

Is reflected in the truth out here

So decide now, dear parents

What kind of world are you creating for your treasures 

Where do you place your value

I ask you this because you know

As well as I do

Children learn what they live 

And they are watching you

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