Started from scratch and built a lifestyle 

Working in our separate ways

Bought a house in December ’01

Three months after the world went cray

Soon mom died

I got 830k

You earned 500,000 a year

Got carried away 

Spent some 

And gave some away

Then came the cabin fiasco 


Who is responsible for what happened there

You called it when you said we were under a spell

I wanted paradise and paid no attention to the numbers

How in the world did you expect to be able to afford 

5000 a month for 30 years

You were the numbers guy

You did the math

How did you plan to make it work when

You gave up your job and day traded away 

Everything we had and fed us on credit

No work for five years

Buried under debt

You can blame it on the market

But you know it’s much more than that

2011 my back broke

From carrying the burden of your financial Mickey Mouse game

I ran away in ’12

Back to the house we had built

I didn’t want you to come

You came anyway

You didn’t get it

I can’t blame you now

You never got it

You never will

I’d waited for grace 

To turn 18

But time ran out 

I couldn’t wait

My spine gave out 

I felt too much pain

You sucked me dry

I could no longer sustain

You believe your own lies

What have I gained

A world of experience 

A lifetime of knowing

You can’t do it without me

I supported your house of cards

Now that I’m gone

It’s all falling apart

The plants have died

The house is dark

My daughters are tired

Just A plays your game

I’ve had it all 

And lost it all too

The thing about going bankrupt 

After having a million bucks 

Is there’s only one way back up 

Good luck with that, bro

I’m not going down with you 

When you lose it all to the bank

Remember what’s true

These were all your choices

You have to learn

Just like everyone else

Better luck next time around

I’m good no matter what

If you’re going to make a case against me

By spying on my life

Make sure you show the judge everything 

Not just what supports your version

Of truth 

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