The Reincarnation of Christie 

Creating a new life does not happen automatically. It is an ongoing process. The first step is to make a change. The second phase is making a new life come to fruition. To go from one life to another, requires persistence.  

In my case, I had an empire and I tore it down. I had a career, a husband, children and pets. I had a nice car and a house filled with everything I needed. Many people wondered why I would destroy that set up. The truth is, I was miserable because the entire structure was built on insecurity. I was unhappy. I was in a loveless relationship. I knew this for at least 17 years, but I tried to make it work. It soon became clear that there was nothing I could do beyond what I had already done and my only option was to leave.

It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I felt like I was being pushed/supported by divine guidance/the universe. I followed my heart and I ran away.

Now that the dust has settled, I am not going back, I must begin to rebuild. I took the leap of faith now it is my responsibility to set a new foundation.

I feel a mixture of excitement and uncertainty as my vision for the future begins to form. Who do I want to be? I have a blank slate and I can put anything I want on it. What do I want to do? I have so many skills to choose from. I will create a new life for myself. I have mourned those I have left behind. It is time to move forward and never call these things to mind. I have survived the worst. Now, I am ready to thrive.

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