Full Moon, Full Life

Dear Diary, 

Today was amazing.. I woke up late and I still have this sense like I’m getting a virus, my head is all stuffy and I’m feeling under the weather but man, this was an amazing day! 

I started out by making a smoothie and Eric gave me some broth. Then, while Eric and Effendy collaborated on their project downstairs, I did a long mediation in the room I’ve prepared for S to sleep in when she comes on Tuesday (I’m so excited to see her!)

Later, I walked down to Goed Proeven on Klarendalseweg to meet my facilitator, Pim, at 14:00. Pim and I hit it off right away! We have so many things in common, including being in love with the love of our lives after a long miserable relationship with the wrong person, spirituality and healing and most of all, he totally digs my idea for creating an art center here in Arnhem! After discussing the business idea, and making some basic plans for my trajectory over tea and Spa rood, we set a date to get together again… on the very day the planets align to set the intention for 2017! 

Later, as I was walking home, I felt guided to enter this beautiful, colorful boutique that caught my eye with this gorgeous red shawl and matching hat on a mannequin in the display..  I went in and found the most awesome gifts for Eric and Steph from the Kerstman. While the shop owner wrapped the gifts, I felt my way around and chit chatted with a fellow patron. We talked about my business, moving to Arnhem, learning Dutch, yoga and interior design lol 

I made some new contacts, opened some doors, got some new ideas and set an intention! 

I feel so good about myself and the future I am creating here. I feel secure about this next trip back to the states.. hopefully it will be my last one under the immigration policy for I expect to have my permit for my business and residency for at least a year by the time I return in April. I feel so much better than being uncertain about how many more times I’m going to have to comply with this 90 day rule and be separated from my life and love. 

After I came home, Effendy, Eric and I talked about how we are all going to become independent as I made a nice vegan dinner for us all. 

Things are going great, and they’re only getting better! 

I’m so excited to be alive.. it feels good to start over and to feel like I’ve been through the worst.. I can handle anything that life may throw at me now! I feel unstoppable 

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