Who wants me in their life?

Going once, going twice

Who cares about me

Who needs me

Who wants me in their life? 

Going once, going twice

I was born in 72

An accident to my parents two

A liberated hippy couple who

Got knocked up and decided to

Carry me and bring me in

To this life of pain and sin

Unwanted baby from the start

The seeds of neglect sewn in my heart

I would live for years trying to fit in

The need to belong so strong within

So insecure 

So needy, too

I’ll give all my love to you

Just want me, please

Just make me feel

Like I belong to something real

I’ll get knocked up

Not once not twice

Three times a charm

It felt so nice

To be needed for once

To be useful and find

A purpose in life

At least in my mind

Until it became so painfully clear

I’m just giving away my heart 

Serving you is why I’m here

There’s no love in return

No matter how much I give 

Of myself or try to live

A life of service to please you

Or to please god and society, too

There’s no such thing as satisfied 

There’s no relief from deep inside 

As long as I’m not wanting me

It matters not what others see

It’s me who’s love I need the most

It’s me who needs to be my host

As long as I abandon me

I’ll never find any relief 

It’s from within satisfaction comes 

It’s self acceptance that alters outcomes 

As long as I continue to abandon me

The same results are what I’ll see

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