All adopted points of view

The symptoms of being human

Being well

Being sick


Methods for dealing with mental emotional and spiritual healing 

The process of healing occurs in the mind

Western medicine says

Cut it open 

Cut it off

Throw pills down your throats 

No one tells you 

Choose to heal

No one thinks it’s possible 

Pain means fear and 

Pain is real

A message from the self

Separation from god and emotions

All disease begins in the emotional body

Lack of courage 


Your own being calls

Listen to me

Look at your life

It’s all in your control

Look inside 

And you will find

Something you don’t want to face

Unwilling to look without

Unable to look within

Ability is a choice

The mind is in the heart

The past is incomplete 


Anger born of fear

The only way to see disease

Is to use your inner sight

Misaligned with life

Unwilling to accept

Burdens and responsibilities and support

Pain and dysfunction

Look at what’s behind you

Unforgiven past

Blind spots

Difficult to reach

The seductive deviation 

Get back on the path


Blockages stop you cold

More anger

More sabotage 

Guilt and stuck in the past

Moving forward means

Get off your ass

And stop feeling sorry for yourself

Have some faith

Save yourself 

You are more able than you know

The winds of change are blowing strong

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