Emotional Recovery 

I really feel like shit today

There’s not much more about it I can say

I’m so depressed and insecure

I’m feeling sick and inferior 

It’s almost like my dad is here

Making me feel stupid

Wishing I could disappear 

How does this work, now, anyway

I don’t have to deal with abuse every day

Yet still I manage to be depressed 

I still have feelings like being oppressed 

I guess it’s because I was down so long

It takes some time to do things wrong

And not feel like I deserve abuse

The guilt and shame is now in use

I’m the one who’s accusing me now

I’m the one keeping the critical voice alive

It’s me because I know nothing else

Like a fighting dog who can’t receive love

After being tortured his whole life

I’m that dog

I don’t know love

Even when it’s standing right in front of me

I’m learning, though

It’s really slow

This emotional recovery 

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