I do not have a small voice 

I’m not timid

I’m not shy

I’ve been afraid my entire life

And now I know why

I’ve watched in silence

I’ve observed and learned 

I know exactly how this game is played

I know every move 

And every part

And every player on the board

I’ve watched carefully 

It’s what I do

I’m a watcher here on earth

I’ve been given a voice to say what I’ve seen

It’s my duty to report

I’ve assessed the scene 

I know the drill

I know the role I play

I do not judge I just fulfilled my part each and every day

Now it’s done and I’m writing it down

All my observations about this game 

No one wins with censorship 

The truth will still remain

So don’t delete it 

Don’t feel shame

What’s done is done just the same

You’ve created this

I know your name

There’s nothing to suppress

The truth is clear

I’m not finding fault

This story IS uncensorable

The information is all there

No more hiding immortality 

Behind the cape of a Pope

No more war and politics

Depriving people of hope

It’s all exposed

It’s all laid bare

Written down in a book

Gone is the force that represses ideas

Creative impulses and feelings

No more will they prevent the truth from entering consciousness in their original, undisguised forms

It’s science, space and politics

It’s got religion in there, too

A Game of Thrones

Played in real life

I’m not kidding, folks 

It’s true

Just look around for signs of change

The seasons come and go

Be diligent

And be prepared

For winter and the snow

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