The Voice

I’m the voice of your mother

I’m calling out to all of you now

My children have got to come home from the war

I’ve been sick and you need to know how

To help me recover from this horrible pain 

I’ve a fever that is burning me down

I’m been poisoned by fools who have raped me and who

Have torn up my home and my womb

Now my children are malnourished

My water is black

The reapers have driven my resources to lack

Please help me, my children

Please help me to heal

I’m your mother 

I’ve sustained you as best I could

But you continue to steal

Everything I have is a gift just for you

I don’t understand why you can’t give back

And you feel like you must rape

Don’t you see what happens when 

You have too much greed?

There’s plenty here for everyone

Every creature can feed

You must come home now

Little child

Please come home to me

Come warm by my fire 

Come lay under my trees

Come swing with your brothers 

Come support your sisters too

Stop fighting and stop bickering

Mother Earth now needs you

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