It will make them sick when they find out

It will make them go insane

When the the truth comes out about how they’ve slaved

To the masters of a game

It’s not about who is right or wrong

It’s how you play the game

The truth has been told the whole damn time

They told you everything

They put it out in TV shows

In movies, music and books

Programming all the same

They disclosed it all so you would know

You would see but you would never look

You’d call them crazy

Those who would blow 

The whistle on their lies

Conspiracy theories and crackpot tales

The impossible truth denied

They put it there in broad daylight 

In plain sight for all to see

You ate it up and begged for more

Symbiotic greed

Well now you’re full and unbottoning your drawers

Pulled back from the table they’ve laid

All the goodies and cookies and cakes

Of sodomy, brutality and pain

You’ve had enough 

It’s time to stop

Feeding on this game

Disclosure comes with a fat “check, please”

You ate the menu with no shame

It’s detox time, and time to purge

Time to vomit out the way 

Of life we’ve lived upon this earth

Of rape and blood and war

It’s time to heal and make it right

Time to give back to the ground

Give back the seeds and life and love

Give back the chance to thrive

Stop raping your own Mother Earth

Stop and listen to her cries

Let’s redeem ourselves by being a friend

Be a brother 

Be a sister

Be a protector

Why are we here

Who do we serve

Ourselves or the mother who sustains us

There is no god 

There is no one controlling you

No one doing your life but you

Take back your life 

Take back your souls 

Open your eyes and see what’s true

It’s as bad as you think 

But the game is over

The healing is set to begin

The great harlot has fallen out 

Get out of her, my people

Get out among her sins

The Babylon is your own greed

The truth you create within

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