I’m being stalked by a rapist

It’s true

He’s a dangerous person and he is a great threat to you 

How sad that I share this

How sad that it’s true

This pathetic boy-man

Obsessed with my new 

Life that I’m making

Since I have escaped

Destroy me he wants to

To see me be raped

One more time for good measure

One more time for his sake

To prove something to him

To placate his ache

Oh Babe E 

Oh husband

Oh my dear friend it’s you

You’re the one who is in need

Of a lifetime renewed

I blessed you with children

I blessed you with love

I supported your creation

Of a life without 

Anything but

Lack and fear and misery

Until I couldn’t anymore

The love left with me

Now you’re facing the door

It’s closing in on you

This life that we made

You just can’t be happy

Without someone who slaves

You’re a bully

You don’t know 

How to be anything else

Love is beyond you 

The fault of your lies 

You want desperately to be someone

They don’t criticize 

You’re so insecure 

So depressed 

So lost and clueless

I’m sorry I can’t help you

Get out of your mess

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