Reading Signs

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be 

There’s no mistakes 

It’s clear to me

I’m connected now

This I can say

My guides are clear

They’re here to stay

You have them too

These guides from heaven

They’ll talk to you

Starting with a double eleven

Look for their signs

Their lights

In your mind

You’re not imagining things

It’s ok

You’re fine

Your imagination

Is where the magic begins

If you follow guidance

You release all your past sins

Start looking for the flashes

The colors 

And the way 

Will soon become real clear to you

If you do it every day

Just listen

Listen to your self

That voice within your head

If it says go left, then follow it

Who knows where you’ll end up

If you trust yourself 

You’ll soon realize

The guidance is living

Behind your eyes

If you link your heart

To all you know

You’ll soon be on your way

To the greatest adventure of your life

It all could start today


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