My Politics 

I am not my country

Or it’s politics

I come from America and

I’m not a Trump supporter 

Per se

But I support my people 

My fatherland

Is the United States of America 

It’s in darkness now

As most people are aware

I’m feeling the fear from everyone 

Even over here

In the Netherlands they are concerned 

About what this guy will do

Every single man sees me

As an American who 

Must have voted for this change

Guilt by association is true

I assure you my dear friend

I’ve no monkeys in that circus 

I’m not going to school you on 

The things that are untrue 

I will tell you this though

It will enlighten you

The people looked for change and hope

Outside themselves and then

Their disappointment soon came clear

The hope comes from within

They know that now

These Americans 

They screamed and cried for change

They got this guy who rallys hate

More than they bargained for

I’d say

Well now it’s time for people to change 

To make the world they want

They’re angry and afraid of it 

The uncertainty and the fear 

Just remember what a trump card is

It’s a surprise that changes the game

Let’s see what happens in between

Let’s pray hard without shame

Pray for peace

Pray for love

Pray for light to come our way

The only way to restore hope

Is to make it yourself each day

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