In a Nutshell

This is the story of a girl. Born out of wedlock to two people who barely knew each other, she would spend her life suffering. Her parents had no idea how to raise a child, her mom left when she was four, leaving her dad to raise her as best he could. His only understanding was to treat her like a dog. He didn’t teach her how to be a person. He just gave her a home and food. She had a stepmother who didn’t know she was part of the package, so she was mistreated and abused. She was locked in her room for a year, treated like an unwanted animal. Isolated and neglected. Then she had a stepfather who showed her perversion at the age of 8. Then more abandonment when the stepmom left, she just came home one day to an empty house. Then another stepmom and set of siblings moved in and a new torture began. Insults and lies were hurled daily. A new kind of prison, a new kind of abuse. Then began the relationships. All she knew was abuse, so she chose to partner with abusers. She thought having kids would give her the love she was seeking. Sadly, it wasn’t so. Until she began to love herself, she would continue to allow herself to be abused. This is the truth, like it or not. These are the facts. I lived without love for 43 years. That’s a long time to suffer and want. I’m only now realizing what it means to be starving for love and acceptance because I have finally found it. 

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