Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But nothing at all can harm me

I’m unstoppable 

I can’t be tamed

I’m totally out of your control

I’m powerful

I’ve freedom of speech

I’ve knowledge of infinite wisdom 

You can’t stop me

I’ve gained control

I’ve taken it back from you

There’s nothing you can do to stop

The flow of energy from me

I’ve woken up

I’ve had an epiphany 

The dream has all but shattered

I know what’s real

And this is the deal

You can throw sticks and stones all day long

Your arms may get tired 

You may run out of ammo

But eventually you come to find out

You’re powerful, too

You can do anything you choose

Take the focus off me onto you 

What are you doing that makes noise

How are you having a voice

What is your impact on human nature

Are you shouting the praise

Do you whine and complain

About people who take bolder action

Anyone can cry

Anyone can pout

It doesn’t take brains to be critical

So get off your ass

And show us some class

Make his world better instead of just 

Adding to the shit

How bout it

Build something with those sticks

Build a fortress with those stones

Stop throwing them at beautiful people

Find the beauty in you

It’s there, you know it’s true

Start loving yourself and build something different 

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