You were just the friend 

When one friend I did need

You made some of the best and crazy memories

Those country roads and backwoods drives

The flying J 

We got so high

We would sing so loud with our favorite songs

Behind the wheel for rides so long

You carried us all 

Up and down

East coast vibe

All over town

They know you well

You’ve been around

The beach and back

Learning abundance vs lack

Adventures with my girls and me

We learned 

We grew

We wrecked a lot

But you stayed strong

A mere flesh wound on

Your sturdy frame

You’re a beast still going strong

A great White steed 



A chariot before your fans

Carry the princess home


Wherever she wants to go

Get her there safe

Help her learn to know

She’s a magician 

Her great role in this

A great big magic show 

🐰💚 ♒️ 💚🐰

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