Everything is ok

Everything just is

I’m ok you’re ok

It’s ok the way it is

Nothing is more important 

Nothing is happening here

No danger 

No shame

There is nothing to fear

No one is judging you

No one can tell you what to do

Everything you do is fine

Your preference may be different than mine

That’s ok 

It’s no big deal

Our individuality makes the world more real

Everything is ok

There is nothing to fear

You can’t control anyone but yourself

You can’t control how others feel

No one can tell you what to do

Or how to feel about anything

It’s your preference so if you don’t like it

Don’t stay stuck

Change it

If you don’t like what people say to you

Walk away, that you can do

You can’t change me 

I can’t change you

Your opinion isn’t a concern

Why should I influence you

My thoughts are my affair

I’m not afraid to speak my mind

You shouldn’t even care

Our problem, you see 

Is we care too much 

About what people think of us

Funny thing is

They really don’t

Unless we reflect some truth

Otherwise it’s not a thing

Just look and move along

It’s all ok

This world we choose 

Is variable and changes quick

You won’t keep up if you’re freaking out

About who did what to Dick

Who cares 

Let it go

It’s not for you to fix

Fix yourself

Fix your mind

That’s the only trick

That’s going to make a difference in your life

The sooner you stop worrying 

The sooner you realize it’s ALL OK

It’s ALL exactly the way it’s meant to be

The sooner you’ll stop hurrying

To please the man

To placate the god

Whoever is in control of you

Of course it’s ok

Because I make it that way

No one tells me what to do

You can have the same freedom as me

No matter what I say or do

I’m always ok

I create it that way

It’s my life 

It’s what I do


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